Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tibetan Village in Bailakkuppe

A strong longing for the mother land, a deliberate attempt not to loose their identity in a host-nation for over half a century, the simmering protests with in and the overwhelming peace and the unbelievable calm over the cruel turbulent history of suppression marks the Tibetan life in exile.

As the Olympic Torch was flown across continents wrapped up in heavy security, I was reminded of the lamps of peace and meditative calm of "Lugsum Samdupling", a Tibetan settlement and Monastery in Bailakkuppa near Mysore, Karnataka. The place was so full of light and wisdom and people moved around as if they don’t even feel the weight their own body. The little lamas in deep pink gowns scurried all over the place giggling. They seemed to have no complaints. Or is it their way of continuous protest, a strong silent one? A smiling dissent? A nuanced one perhaps!

Monks blowing a trumpet which gives out a deep sound. It helps them meditate- some said.

A monk kid carrying food. He offered me food- Thought I couldnt accept the food, I thought it would make a good frame.

Tea break in Bylakuppe monastry. Its a fun event every day.

It started raining...and the monks rushed to find shelter. The cool breeze and smell of fresh mud was soothing.
Chit- Chat during a prayer session.

A very old monk...

Looks like coke, fanta, mirinda and pepsi have made their way into the monastry. A couple of monks checking out an assortment of soft drinks on display inside one of the monastries.

You will have to go to the Forbidden City or trek Himalayan country under siege to know exactly how the ‘ideological pressures’ are having thier toll on the tradition of anachronisms and mysticism. But still, a visit to the monastery and the adjacent Tibetan settlements in Bailakkuppe would show you how the Tibetan people try hard to keep up the pace with the changes outside and inside. Will they ever be able to go back to their home land and live a life of ‘mysticism and jollity’?


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Ya truly beautiful. Felt like standing there :)

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Hey Aji, I've been there, have stayed for about 2 days with them, and your blog just reminded me so much of that trip again. The snaps are really good.

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