Monday, February 2, 2009


Kaliamma runs a tea shop in Dhanushkodi, She has been around for a while (since 1981). She has seen the changes take place in her town. Dhanushkodi is an old town which was devastated in the 1962 cyclone. It is a fishing town and is the nearest land peice to Srilanka. Many men from this town have migrated to Srilanka which is barely 20 kilometers by sea.

Tamil speaking people often migrate to this town for fear of their lives as the war between the LTTE and Srilankan government rages.

Fishing is the mainstay of their economy. One needs to travel on the van (shown above) to get to Dhanushkodi (a land piece in the middle of sea).

Kokila a first standard student. Her parents are fisherfolk.

This place is well lit for a good photo shoot. Vibrant with colors and the vast expanse of the sea gives you an overwhelming experience.

Though many tourists visit Dhanushkodi, the sea washes away all dirt. The town is still clean and plesant.

Fishermen return home after a days catch.

The reds, yellows and blues against the backdrop of a clear sky are apt for a perfect composition.

Shadows, due to the ample light are prominent in the place.

The wall of a church which was partially destroyed during the 1962 cyclone.

Pamban bridge, which connects Rameswaram to the mainland in Tamilnadu is considered to be one of the longest and strongest bridges down south.


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Partha said...

Good collections of old fishing town Danuskodi... I'm not able to find information about Danuskodi in google... few days back visited Danuskodi which is very near to Sri Lanka... nice place